Stay away from Rp 1 million/gram, here is Antam’s gold price list for Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Antam’s gold price today corrected again. Had approached the level of Rp. 1 million after continuing to increase to Rp. 950,000/gram, today Antam’s gold price has decreased by Rp. 1,000 and parking is at the level of Rp. 945,000 per gram.

This was quoted from the precious metals site, Antam’s trading page at the Pulo Gadung boutique, Wednesday (14/7/2021).

After three dollars, Antam’s gold buyback price also fell by Rp 1,000 to a level of Rp 840,000 per gram.

This buyback price means, if you want to sell gold, Antam will buy it at that gold price.

The price of gold bullion includes PPh 22 of 0.9%. If you want to get a lower tax deduction, which is 0.45%, then bring your NPWP at the time of the transaction.

Here are the details of Antam’s gold price today:

  • 1 gram gold bar Rp 945.000
  • 5 gram gold bar Rp 4,500,000
  • 10 gram gold bar Rp 8,945,000
  • 25 gram gold bar Rp 22,237,000
  • 50 gram gold bar Rp 44,395,000
  • 100 gram gold bar Rp 88.712.000
  • 250 gram gold bar Rp 221.515.000
  • 500 gram gold bar Rp 442.820.000
  • 1000 gram gold bar Rp 885.600.000



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