“Stay home now, but where you are residing”; the message of the AMLO government to Mexicans in the US

As part of extraordinary measures which presented the mexican government Wednesday night for brake the increase of the cases from Covid-19 in Mexico, which have already reached 475 infections Y six deaths, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, asked that the Mexicans what they reside in U.S don’t go back to your country during the duration of pandemic.

A drastic measure that already I take the federal government is lay off all of your non-essential activity from tomorrow Thursday March 26th. In the same way, urged to the private sector to choose the telecommuting at home whenever possible, and extraordinary actions in the Social Security, which will allow sick stay home and collect “temporary disability”.

At a press conference, López-Gatell went directly to the Mexicans that live in U.S to ask them to don’t go back to Mexico if you don’t need to. Although he clarified that will follow existing flights between the two neighbor countries and that in no moment will refuse the entry of a Mexican, warned that there will be health checks at airports for “increase the health security

A expansion of the pandemic in Mexico similar to that of these North American states would complicate the Health System national. Hence ask for responsibility Y solidarity to their fellow citizens abroad for to prevent greater havoc new coronavirus.

Nevertheless, clarified, “the working day national of Susana Distancia is not a vacation. Must stay at home“He insisted.

López-Gatell put how examples countries like Italy, Spain or U.S to leave in evidence what make late decisions can have traumatic consequences and also to do a called to population to comply the indications of the government.

The period from Susana Distance started this monday 23 of March and it will end on friday April 17th. In that period, calculates the official, it will be possible analyze whether the measurements have worked.

Measure understands that most of the Mexicans stay at home for reduce the risk of contagion and, in case you need go out for any circumstance avoid crowds, concentrations from more than 10 people, put a distance of at least meter and a half about another person.

In the same conference, López-Gatell explained that the suspension of the activities from the federal government does not include essential items such as security, Health, Energy Y cleaning services.

The announcement came a day after the health authorities will implement Mexico’s entry into the phase two of the epidemic of Covid-19. According to the official, each dependency will determine who they cannot suspend their activities.

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