Stella is no more, the friends make maturity for you – Chronicle


‘Died too soon Star Tatangelo, died the first of the many stages that life young reserve. Among these are maturity, that examination, which marks the abandonment of the carefree years of high school. Today, his classmates of the Liceo Classico Vincenzo Simoncelli, Sora (Frosinone), have wished, however, to celebrate this rite of youth in the name of the Star by claiming for her the graduation exam. A elaborated on the friendship, and could not be otherwise for a girl who for four years was sitting with them in the classroom, sharing lessons, but especially a trait of life.
Stella was much loved in his school who also dedicated the sports field. The story of this friendship indissoluble is told today by the local press. The seven students, six girls and a boy V A, wearing t-shirts fuchsia reminiscent of Star, wanted to discuss with the professors about friendship, and about what were the characteristics of their classmate and friend, who died in a road accident in Arpino, on August 14, 2019. So, after getting the ok from the ministry of education to take the exam-remember, they wanted to speak not only of friendship but also of what was the Star, his eccentricity, his love for dance, his joy, resourcefulness, empathy, and curiosity. To follow the examination taken by seven friends with the parents of high-school, my mum Irene and dad Gabriel. They listened with attention and emotion the exposure of the topics with a lot of slide. In the end the parents have also wanted the pictures of the end of the year: why the V A del Liceo Vincenzo Simoncelli Year 2019-2020 has not forgotten the Star Tatangelo, today graduated.

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