Stellantis, Fiat 500 and Kiri: the new digital currency

The green-tech startup Kiri Technologies with the Stellantis e-Mobility team and the iconic and award-winning New Fiat 500 kicked off the new initiative, presented a few hours ago in a web conference held simultaneously in three different locations: Talent Garden in Turin, e-Village and interior of the zero-emission car.

Protagonists Cristiano Fiorio, Brand Marketing Communication in Europe, Gabriele Catacchio, e-Mobility Program Manager, and Giorgio Neri, New 500 Commercial Launch Manager & Fiat e-Mobility Manager. The three Stellantis managers illustrated Kiri starting from the co-working space of the Talent Garden, where Cristiano Fiorio was present: “The Talent Garden is a nursery of new ideas, the realm of Hi-Tech and digital professionals. This is where the journey of e-Mobility in the field of innovation which led us to discover Kiri Technologies, which captured our attention with an innovative and very simple idea: reward the habits of people who respect the environment. It seemed natural to us to associate this idea with the characteristics of the New 500, our ambassador of technological innovation and electric mobility ”.

Kiri is a startup born in the UK in 2020 to accelerate the adoption of sustainable behaviors. With the motto “Think Big. Act Green ”, aims to stimulate change and accelerate the adoption of environmentally conscious behavior. Rewarding the customers of the Nuova 500 for their driving style is the basic concept of the project, put into practice by assigning virtual coins, called KiriCoin. A unique and innovative model for the automotive sector. Gabriele Catacchio, aboard the Nuova 500 explained this in detail: “We want to support the environmentally conscious behavior of our customers and reward them with exclusive benefits. Simply by driving the New 500 connected and equipped with the new infotainment system, you have the possibility to accumulate KiriCoin in a ‘virtual’ wallet that can be viewed in the Fiat app. Driving data, such as distance and speed, is sent to Kiri’s cloud and automatically converted to KiriCoin. The result arrives directly on the smartphone and KiriCoins can then be used to obtain products and services on the Kiri marketplace ”.

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In urban traffic, with a normal driving style, one kilometer is roughly equivalent to one KiriCoin and each KiriCoin is worth 2 euro cents. This means that, with a mileage of 10,000 kilometers per year in an urban environment, it can accumulate the equivalent of about 150 euros. A gratification for those who, while driving the New 500, do not generate CO2 while respecting the environment.

The goal is to create a community of people living with a more attentive to the environment, the New 500 can be considered the first step in this system that does not provide rewards for purchases but rewards for more sustainable behavior.

To further incentivize the use of the New Fiat 500, they are planned extra prizes for drivers who will have achieved the best eco: Score, a function of Uconnect Services that detects how efficient the driving style is, helping to improve energy consumption in real time. Customers with the highest scores in major European countries will be able to access extra offers from prominent partners such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Spotify Premium and Zalando.


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