Stephánie Frappart, center of attention for the European Super Cup


Liverpool and Chelsea are faces in the final of the European Super Cup (21 h / Movistar Champions League) in a match in which the great novelty will be the presence of French Stéphanie Frappart, the first woman to arbitrate a male continental ending.

Frappart, who led the final of the last Women's World Cup between the United States and Holland, has managed to overcome barriers in recent seasons thanks to her good work, and this year she will be the first French woman to enjoy a fixed place at the First Men's Division, Ligue 1. In a press conference in Istanbul, the stage of the final, Frappart explained: "There is not much difference between teams of men and women, football is the same. They are the teams that play different, but it is the same game ". Frappart arbitrated his first match in Ligue 1 last April, after being the second woman to direct matches to the Second Men's Division in recent years. "We feel prepared for the final, since we train a lot, we are not afraid", added accompanied by its arbitration team, the Irish Michelle O'Neill, the Italian Manuela Nicolosi and the Turkish Cüneyt Çakir. "Of course my life will change, because I will be more popular now than when I was in the First Division in France. But I know my emotions, I know how to control them and how to train me. It's not my first risky mission, so I'm prepared, "he added. "If Frappart inspires thousands of women to go their way, UEFA will be happy," said Roberto Rosetti, the president of the UEFA referees committee.

The duel will be special for Liverpool, who returns to the city where he won the Champions League in 2005 despite losing 3-0 at halftime against Milan. The reds, despite the loss of their home keeper Alisson Becker, are the big favorites to win their fourth European Super Cup against a Chelsea that took it in 1998. Londoners, trained this year by Frank Lampard, were led by Manchester United in the first day of the Premier League.

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