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STIB wants to hire more than 700 people: here are the profiles sought

To cope with the arrival of metro 3, the increase in frequencies and the challenge of digitization in particular, the Société des transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles (Stib) is opening 760 vacancies in 2022, it announced on Tuesday by communicated.

The vast majority (585) of these jobs relate to driving, with 480 bus driver positions, 46 metro positions and 33 tram positions, but also places related to dispatching and trip planning. Stib also intends to fill its ranks with a good hundred technical profiles in the fields of construction, information technology and telecoms. Finally, the Brussels transport company offers around sixty jobs relating to network security, signage and various support functions, particularly within the Human Resources or Finance divisions.

In August, Stib inaugurated its new “Erasme” metro depot, at the terminus of line 5. The new tram line 10, in Neder-Over-Heembeek, is expected by 2024. As many new projects that require an IT component, site management and teams, before installing a driver behind the wheel.

Among the new profiles sought, the company is trying to attract young people via the “Young Starter” concept, which offers three eight-month assignments to better choose a department or specialization within STIB. This year, 12 young people will benefit from the program.

Finally, with only 11.17% of women on its entire staff, the public transport company hopes to recruit “a maximum of women, specifically among its field staff”.

Last year, Stib hired 858 people, bringing the number of employees to 10,221 on 31 December.

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