Still Doubtful about Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine? Watch the Making Journey …

JAKARTA, – The world is currently known to be struggling to find together vaccine to fight the pandemic Covid-19 caused by the corona virus.

However, there are still many who do not know how the vaccine-making process reaches the community. This is what makes people still hesitate to receive vaccines.

Internal Medicine Specialist at once Vaccinologist Dirga Sakti Rambe explained that vaccines that have been circulated have guaranteed their safety and effectiveness.

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Therefore, if someone is included in the category of people who are obliged to receive vaccines, then that person should not hesitate to receive it.

Then what is the reason Dirga said that? Consider the explanation of the vaccine manufacturing process as follows.

First, the vaccine manufacturing process begins with first determining what vaccine you want to produce.

“First we will test it on experimental animals. After it is proven safe and effective, then we will test it on humans,” said Dirga in a virtual discussion on the Government Spokesperson’s Dialogue entitled “The Long Way Vaccine Up to Our Bodies “, Friday (20/11/2020).

“This is what is called a clinical trial,” he said.

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He continued, the clinical trial also has a long process, including phases one, two, three and the next.

Even that clinical trial, he said, involved thousands of people. This aims to ensure the vaccine is safe and effective.


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