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Still hungry after a one-year-old worker, Land Cruiser 70 is said to have been sold out in 2024.

One of the oldest new cars in the world market is still so popular that the waiting period can be up to two years.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series is a unique car that is hard to find in competition. The car introduced this model as early as 1984, and even after 38 years on the market, it is still a symbol of an almost indestructible worker or companion who is constantly generating new orders.

For example, interest in the Australian market is said to be so high that it pays the car to repair the car to meet the most stringent accident test requirements. Despite its age, the Land Cruiser will remain on the market for a while longer, but it probably won’t be easy to find.

According to Australian Drive magazine, according to estimates by one of the local dealers, it may take more than two years to process some orders. The calculations were based on the current speed of production and forward-looking projections, according to which Land Cruiser 70 is de facto sold out on the Australian market by 2024.

Unfortunately, Land Cruiser 70 is not officially sold on European markets, but there are still ways to buy a new piece in the Czech Republic. After all, in the past we were able to try the Land Cruiser 70 series on our own skin and the experience was almost unrepeatable nowadays.

The Land Cruiser 70’s immense popularity comes from its renowned reliability, longevity and simple technology that is easy to maintain and service. Thanks to the wide body version, Land Cruiser is also a relatively versatile car with a wide range of applications.

It is often used by travelers, mining companies, rescue services, security forces and usually in places that require robust and reliable technology. In addition, the Land Cruiser 70 series becomes the basis for various conversions, so it can be purchased with an electric drive or a bullet body.

Let us add, however, that the car has changed a lot since its first performance in 1984. During various improvements, it has acquired modern equipment, which may include air conditioning, ABS or electric windows. Touch handling, cruise control or mountain start assistance are also available.

Depending on the market, petrol and diesel engines, often in six-cylinder or V8 lines, are available under the hood, which offers enough power for both work and driving in difficult terrain. There is a robust all-wheel drive, often supplemented by factory or additional differential locks, and large fuel tanks, with which the car will stay on the road for a really long time.

In addition to the popularity of the Land Cruiser 70, the fact that similar cars simply disappear from the market, or become more and more luxurious, and not very suitable for work in a demanding environment. However, Ineos Grenadier, which wants to continue the original Land Rover Defender tradition, could become an exciting competitor to the Land Cruiser 70 in the near future.

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