Stock futures arise before determining a dietary interest rate


US stock index futures began on Wednesday as investors were awaiting the decision of the Federal Reserve on rocky week interest rates for global markets.

The central bank is expected to reduce interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point for a second time in three months, but there is a deep divide between policy makers after abandoning traders on the third reduction this year.

The nutrition policy statement is due at 2 p.m. and later Chairman Chairman Jerome Powell half an hour later.

The central banks around the world are taking steps to mitigate the impact of long-US-China trade and other geopolitical risks. Last week, the European Central Bank further reduced interest rates and said it would buy back bonds indefinitely.

Wall Street rally lower expectations this year, with the S&P 500 benchmark encouraged less than 1 percent below its high-level.

Markets were under pressure earlier this week after attacks on Saudi Arabia oil facilities caused spike in oil prices and promoted geopolitical tensions.

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