Stomil Olsztyn – Arka Gdynia. Artur Siemaszko: Emotions greater than usual

update: at 16:20 (16 October 2020)

On Saturday, October 17, at 14, Arka Gdynia he will face Stomil Olsztyn in the 9th round of the 1st league. The meeting will be of particular importance for Artur Siemaszko, who was born and raised in the capital of Warmia. – Emotions will be greater than usual. I owe a lot to Stomil, but now I’m in the Ark. I am going with the attitude that three points will come back to Gdynia – admits the 23-year-old. Kacper Krzepisz signed a new contract with the club until June 30, 2024, with an option to extend it.

Update, hours. 4:20 pm

Arka Gdynia announced that Kacper Krzepisz signed a new contract until June 30, 2024 with an option to extend for another season.

The goalkeeper, born on December 16, 1999 in Gdynia, has 6 appearances in the Arka’s first team (5 in the Polish Cup and 1 in the league). He is a pupil of SI Arka Gdynia. He also played in the Central Youth League and in the second team.

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The first match in yellow and blue was played on September 25, 2018. In the Polish Cup, Arka Gdynia defeated Śląsk Świętochłowice 3-0. Last season, he made his debut in the league in an away match against Wisła Kraków. Arkowcy won 1-0, and Kacper was chosen the man of the match.

– We are glad that another young player stays with us for longer. The Club Alumni are an important part of the Ark. Kacper has yellow-blue DNA, and he is very capable of that. He takes up competition and in matches where he got a chance he did not disappoint. The future belongs to him – said the president Michał Kołakowski.
– I have been associated with yellow and blue colors for 14 years. Arka and Gdynia are my home, I am very happy to stay here. I train hard, I am constantly developing and I believe that this work will bring results – commented Krzepisz after signing the new contract.

Typing outcomes

league match

17/10/2020 at 2:00 p.m.

value: 3 points

Stomil Olsztyn

without an audience

Arka Gdynia

Matchday 9 will be for Artur Siemaszko will be a sentimental journey. The footballer of Arka Gdynia was born and raised in Olsztyn. He has already played in youth teams for Stomil, and after scoring three goals for his team last season, he moved to the seaside this summer. No wonder that Saturday’s match will have a special meaning for him. He is accompanied by special emotions that he did not intend to hide.

– Of course, the emotions will definitely be greater than usual. I owe a lot to Stomil, but now I’m in the Ark. I am a professional and I try to approach this match professionally. I am going with the team to Olsztyn with the attitude that three points will come back to Gdynia – he admits Artur Siemaszko.

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In the week leading up to the game, the footballer felt extra motivation, but he approaches the classes professionally. He is waiting for the opportunity to play in the starting line-up, because he has counted six appearances in the league so far after coming off the bench. In total, he spent 142 minutes on the pitch.

– In terms of training, the motivation is always the same. I was doing the same as in the previous weeks. I always try to work 100 percent. The coach certainly sees it and in due time, I hope, will give me a chance to play from the first minute – says the 23-year-old.
The yellow and blue have been waiting for a goal from three matches. They have not completed such a series for 1.5 years. In turn Artur hunts for his first official hit in new colors. So far, for Arka he only scored in sparring. The goal in Olsztyn would certainly have an additional flavor, but the player believes that he could not be happy in such a situation.

– The last matches turned out like this. We were very close with ŁKS, but I would not call it a problem, because goals will come in the end. I also do not want to talk about whether the goal with Stomil will give me wings and confidence. I would prefer that a hit in the league game will drive me and I will present myself even better than now. Of course, if I get the chance to play, I will go out to score and help the team, but expressive celebration is out of the question. I respect Stomil and the fans who supported and cheered me a lot throughout my stay in Olsztyn – the footballer concludes.

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The next game will be the first of three to be played in the nine-day period. Saturday’s duel will start at 14. According to the new government guidelines, however, it will be held without the participation of the public.


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