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Stop breaking balls with hanging out for a while

Infections in the city of Neuquén are being counted by the dozens and the Health continues to collapse. And more and more there are new positives among health workers.

“Don’t come break my balls with the freedom, a colleague did not have a bed to admit him because he caught the virus working here, “said without hesitation a health professional on social media, who works at Heller Hospital.

This Wednesday a health system worker needed a bed to receive medical assistance, since he had contracted the coronavirus, but there was no availability. “He caught it working here for all of you, they had to take a bed out of the gallery to be able to intern him. So don’t come to me with bullshit that they are rotten that they restrict his freedom and etcetera,” began the story that went viral.

“I don’t know if the government handled the pandemic well or badly, but at this point we need the collaboration of the whole of society. Stop breaking the balls of getting together for a while, minimally, have a minimum of humanity and empathy,” concluded the message on Facebook.

“Stop breaking your balls together for a while, have a modicum of humanity”

This publication came days after the son of Horacio Heller (tribute name that we carry), Matías, contracted the virus.

His brother was the one who made a discharge through the same social network: “My brother has not known what freedom is for seven months. He cannot choose not to go to the hospital. He cannot choose not to do two or three weekly shifts, he cannot One day off, he cannot be afraid of the virus, much less can he deny attention to those who did not have the pandemic and with their stupid irresponsibility caused its uncontrollable expansion. “

In turn, he showed the annoyance caused by the march on Monday: “They do not have a speech that unites them nor do they have concrete ideas to change things. They have only one common denominator, beyond the shouts: hatred.”

“My brother Matías lost his freedom but he does not complain. He lost his freedom but he did not empathize with the other or the desire to heal the sick. He does not shout in marches or wear the flag as a poncho: he makes homeland by curing people, and Believe me if I tell you that he still worries about each lost battle in the face of death, “he said.

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