August 23, 2019

Newsy Today

Stop "Evening 3": Francis Letellier evokes "a feeling of emptiness"

The announcement of its deletion was made last February: "Evening 3", the nightly news of France 3, will be broadcast Sunday for the last time on the channel. On Monday, it will be replaced by the "23 hours" on franceinfo, the news channel of France Televisions, on channel 27. The journalist Francis Letellier presented this appointment info for 13 years.

Are you sad before the last of the "Evening 3"?

FRANCIS LETELLIER. In life, I sometimes cry, but it never happened to me on the air. I will come back Sunday night at the end of Nora Boubetra's diary. I want to share with the team and the viewers this exceptional moment. Everyone who has presented "Evening 3" for over 40 years will be honored. There will be emotion, that's for sure! It is already felt in the corridors of France 3. Many have a feeling of emptiness. It should be understood that at France Télévisions, new children were generally assigned to "Soir 3". Many have worked there.

You have decided not to follow on Franceinfo. You are against the transfer of this newspaper?

If I had been offered a new season at "Soir 3", I would have said yes. As a child, I was looking at this newspaper. Presenting it was a dream. To do the "Evening 3", we work in shifted. It's been 13 years since I went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning. It's a very strong personal commitment. Last year, at the same time, we were preparing the fortieth anniversary … But no trial of intent, I will watch Patricia Loison Monday night.

With the competition of news channels, is "Soir 3" still essential?

News channels have changed the game in terms of information. But with an average of around 750,000 viewers each evening, "Soir 3" is much more popular than the 3 news channels gathered at this time.

From Monday what will you do?

On September 1st, at 12:10, we launch the new season of "Sunday in politics", the great political interview of the channel. And in mid-November, after the Brexit, I will be very happy to launch the new version of "Avenue of Europe", which will now be broadcast every Sunday at 10:45, with reports to understand how Europeans live and the how they approach the issues facing the French.