Stopped a number of parties: – Party riots in several places: 100 young people gathered

On the night before Sunday, the police in several places in the country had to intervene to stop parties that were not justifiable due to infection control breaches.

This is how the police in the West sum up the night:

– There has been a night marked by many messages about loud music, party noise from private addresses, primarily in Bergen and the surrounding area. We have not had the opportunity to deal with everyone, but several parties have been closed by the police, they write on Twitter.

The Oslo Police District states that they have received 48 complaints about party noise from various private addresses last night, and that 45 of these were in Oslo municipality.

– Unfortunately, we did not manage to send a patrol to all these incidents. No violations of the infection control rules were found at any of the addresses we were at, they write.

100 young people in total

Already Late Saturday night, the police in the East moved out to Bodalstranda in Sarpsborg after several complaints about party noise.

– When the police arrived at the scene, approx. 100 young people in all directions from the place, the police write on Twitter.

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They state that it appeared to be a Russian party, and that “very many young people were intoxicated”.

The party was ended by the police.

Party quarrel

In Narvik in Nordland, the police stopped a party after they were first notified of noise.

It turned out that there were 13 people present and it was not possible to comply with recommendations regarding infection control, reports Nordland police district. Residents were ordered to end the party, which was complied with.

In Tromsø, the police have had to end a party in Tromsdalen for the same reason – too much noise and lack of opportunities to keep their distance from each other.

– Many people gathered

In Finnmark, the police also responded to several reports of party riots. In Alta, the police were notified of many people who had gathered at a party in the Aronnes district. When the patrol arrived, however, most had left the party, and the rest were told to quit.

Thousands gathered for a full party

In Alta, there was also a report of noise from an address in the Elvebakken area.

– Many people gathered. The patrol dissolved the party, it was approx. 10 people present at the party, the police write on Twitter.

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In Bjørnevatn in Kirkenes, the police had to end a party with around 30 participants. The party participants received good advice on infection control with the purchase.

– Got a moral sermon

The police in Agder have had to stop two parties in Mandal and Grimstad, respectively, but it has not been clarified whether this is due to a lack of infection control.

In Agder, the number of cases of infection is rising and Grimstad is one of the municipalities that introduced urgent decisions on Saturday.

In the Inland, the police moved out at 2 o’clock to a party at Rena in Åmot municipality after reports of a larger party with many participants in private homes.

On arrival it turned out that there were 20 people present. The police write on Twitter that the party participants “received a moral sermon on infection control and recommendations”.

Møre og Romsdal also reports several parties that have been ordered to end by police patrols.

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