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Stopping the country for 10 days or scientific gradualism, Alberto Fernández’s dilemma

by drbyos

How long will the global crisis last? How will the country, and the national government, be stopped after the pandemic? These are all political questions that infectious diseases do not evaluate. A sector of the committee of experts that integrates Pedro Cahn prefers to move forward in phases before taking more drastic measures in terms of isolation and curbing economic activity. But politics has other times. If the outbreak flares up, and replicates next year, the “coronavirus” vote will sneak into the midterm election campaign next year.

Politics, then, tries a non-aggression pact. Fernández sat Horacio Rodríguez Larreta together with Axel Kicillof yesterday in Olivos. “At this moment we are not Peronists or non-Peronists, Kirchnerists or not, and the national and popular PRO; We are Argentines with a problem, “said the president. “Perhaps the coronavirus will help us end the madness of confrontation and confrontation. We have to take care of our health and ours, “said Fernández in statements made to Radio 10.

“We are analyzing making a cut. Determine that for a certain period of time all people stay at home. If we could get everyone to stay at home for a whole week, we could stop the virus. But we must bear in mind that all this has economic consequences, “warned the President. And he recalled that Argentina is “in recession”: “We cannot let it deepen. So taking a measure like stopping everything for 10 days so that people stay at home can cause many complications. ”, was the question raised by Fernández.

“People have to charge the same, because they will not die of coronavirus but they will starve,” he said. “We must guarantee the salary for those who stay at home by order of the State and guarantee soft loans so that those who stop producing can survive,” he stressed. In any case, he expressed that “everything that people can do by not circulating must be done”: “If they tolerate their absence at work, then stay. The virus circulates because we circulate. “

Last night, Victoria Tolosa Paz, head of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies, reported that all operations to deliver the AlimentAR Card are suspended. An injection of funds of approximately $ 1 billion for the consumption of staple foods. The measure especially impacts the Buenos Aires suburbs where districts of different political signs such as Escobar, Esteban Echeverría, La Matanza and Vicente López declared a health emergency and constituted crisis committees.


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