Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

“Strange” – Sunderland fans react when Callum McManaman comes to Wigan

Sunderland fans have expressed their confusion and disappointment after Callum McManaman left the club on Friday to join Wigan Athletic. Owner Stewart Donald told the Roker Rapport Podcast on Wednesday that he thought McManaman happy and willing to stay in the club while the player himself told the club website how much he enjoyed working under manager Jack Ross.

But 48 hours later, he traded Wearside for Lancashire and returns to the club he has made a name for himself.

McManaman spent seven years in Wigan and won the FA Cup final in 2013, when Wigan defeated Manchester City in Wembley to claim the trophy.

And the 27-year-old admitted that he was pleased to return to the club this summer.

"It's great to be back," said McManaman to Wigan's official website

"All the guys and the gaffer seem to be just right, I saw a few pages on Twitter yesterday and today from the fans and it Seems like everyone's happy, I'm talking back to being a Latics player.

"I did not want to go first, to be honest, so I'm persuaded to be home and start again.

"I've watched the games in recent years, especially last season, and the gawk's style definitely suits me, and when I talked to him, he was great and all the guys talk a lot about him." 19659003] "I've had some great times at this club and I'm only 27 years old, so I can not see why I can not have better times here. I would like to go one step further.

"I do not think I realized how good my first time at the club was until I left, the grass is not always greener."

However, the Sunderland fans are a little confused about what has changed in the last few days for McManaman, who left the club, apparently happy that he stayed.

Jon Place tweeted, "Things are not going so far, I think I'll miss the next Donald podcast, I was excited to see McManaman and McGeady stay, which took less than 48 hours."

Reece Benson added: "(it) The whole interview with him on the safc page looks a bit stupid the other day and one day after SD comes out and says that McManaman is very happy here he's gone now. It seems strange to me but ey ho. "

David Nunn tweeted:" Actually completely gutted to see McManaman leave for Wigan, he thought he might have been one of last season's players who roused League One. "

Josh Bunting has mixed feelings about the deal and tweets: "McManaman always wanted to go to Wigan, he loves the club, he was Sunderland's best player in preseason so far, but it gives the Black Cats more money to spend . "

B illy Hope added, "I'm sad. I liked Callum McManaman. He clearly loves Wigan and if it was another club, he probably would have had to stay longer. I wish him all the best, though. "

And Nick joked," I did not understand McManaman. That will teach him.

To see how the fans of Sunderland reacted to the sale of McManaman, read below.

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