Strasbourg: eight years in prison a “rodeo” in a deadly car

This content was published on November 20, 2020 – 5:04 PM


A 21-year-old man was sentenced to eight years in prison on Friday by the Bas-Rhin Assize Court for killing a 73-year-old man by hitting him in a car while he was doing a “rodeo” in a park from Strasbourg.

Tried for “violence with use or threat of a weapon resulting in death without intention of giving it”, the accused received a sentence in accordance with the requisitions of the Advocate General, Eric Lallement, the Attorney General of the court call from Colmar.

“It is a relief for the members of the family” of the victim, declared Me Christophe Cervantes, lawyer of the civil parties. “The thesis of the accident was not appropriate. The Assize Court accepted the thesis of the crime, it was important for them to hear it.”

Conversely, Me Slim Benchaabane, lawyer for the accused, said “in the most absolute misunderstanding”. “I cannot explain myself, or else by considerations which have nothing of legal, this quantum of penalty”, he declared.

During the pleadings, he asked for the reclassification of the facts as manslaughter, aggravated by a hit-and-run.

“When I hit a pedestrian, we have to wonder under what conditions I could see it or not, and if my will was to reach it,” he told AFP. “The texts say no crime without the intention of committing it. When I enter a park with a car, the only will is to act stupid.”


In December 2018, the victim, a lawyer, was walking his dog in the park of a city of Strasbourg in the early evening when the car driven by the condemned had struck it at a speed close to 30 km / h, shortly after a turn around. The septuagenarian died on the spot. The driver had fled and then tried to hide the traces of the collision on the vehicle.

The convict, then a young holder of a driving license, admitted the facts during his trial, explaining that he wanted to slide in the park to have fun with two friends, without thinking about the consequences, according to the Latest from Alsace (DNA).

“I wanted to play smart. I did not have to go into the park. A man died and it was my fault,” he admitted, according to the newspaper.

At the end of nearly a year and a half of investigation, the investigating magistrates and the prosecution had ruled out the thesis of murder or aggravated violence, to retain that of aggravated manslaughter, a fact constituting an offense and not ‘a crime.

But after the appeal of the civil parties, the investigating chamber had retained the qualification of aggravated willful violence, returning the suspect to the Assize Court.

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