Strata and AJA Facilitate Live Streaming from Houses of Worship

As a result of the pandemic, Atlanta-based audiovisual design and consulting company Strata has seen demand for streaming production skyrocket with AJA as an ally.

Traditionally, crowds of up to 35,000 people have gathered weekly in houses of worship (Houses of Worship -HOW-) to hold religious services throughout the United States, but with the appearance of a global pandemic, this practice was abruptly interrupted.

Closures across the country forced religious institutions to seek new ways to connect with parishioners, and many found the answer in streaming. Although face-to-face events have partially resumed, some parishioners remain reluctant to attend large-scale gatherings, while others prefer the convenience of online services.

In this sense, live streaming in the HOW market is proving to be a trend with the ability to stay. As a result of the pandemic, the audiovisual design and consulting company Strata, Atlanta (USA) has seen demand for streaming-capable production systems skyrocket. Having designed custom video systems for faith-based institutions in Phoenix, Houston, Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and other regions for more than three years, the Strata team, whose accumulated industry experience exceeds 90 years, is more than fine. equipped to cope with the business rebound.

All projects begin with a discovery phase, during which the Strata team develops a technology plan, with teams from AJA Video Systems as a fundamental part of almost all video system designs.

Joe Paryzek, Strata co-owner and video systems engineer, says, “AJA equipment is included in most of our designs because it supports a wide range of needs in HOW environments, from live streaming and recording to converting signals, recording and transmission of audio and video by streaming and in the venue itself. The reliability of AJA equipment is well known and its operation is very simple. Those characteristics are ideal for our customer base. “

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With most religious institutions looking to build a live streaming workflow from scratch or adapt an existing one, the streaming device and AJA H.264 recording it’s built into most Strata designs. Customers use it to stream 1080 or 720 HD live video to their website or to YouTube, Facebook Live, and other social streaming platforms.

AJA Hello“Streaming has been the main trend in 2020, and we don’t see that changing this year. Helo it makes live streaming easy, and that’s why it’s our first recommendation when customers ask about streaming, ”explains David Roche, Co-Owner of Strata. “It combines all the functionality of streaming hardware and software in a single box without the complexity. It’s also fun for us to watch customers have that ‘oh wow’ moment when they realize they can stream with the push of a button. It is, without a doubt, a better way of transmitting.


AJA FiDO-T-12G-STWorking with fiber

In productions in HOW environments, audiovisual production often spans multiple buildings and signals must be transported over long distances. To meet this demand, fiber optic cabling has become a standard in Strata designs, and the team often ends up relying on fiber optic converters AJA FiDO to allow the transport of 12G / 6G / 3G / 1.5G / 270Mb SDI signals, and even RAW data between equipment located at great distances.

Since the module Ross Video OpenGear is compatible with a wide range of manufacturer equipment, AJA OpenGear FiDO solutions in particular are in high demand among their customer base. “Each customer has their own technology preferences, so OpenGear technology and its AJA support is fantastic, as we can design each configuration with the best equipment for the job and consolidate it into one frame,” adds Roche.

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AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12GFor customers looking to record, whether for archival, post-editing, or on-demand publishing, Strata typically incorporates an engraver and reproductor/grabador HD multicanal AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G-SDI 4K/UHD/HD in the design of your system. Typically the Ki Pro Ultra 12G connects to a router. A common application is to route the program feed and three camera ISOs to the Ki Pro Ultra 12G, resulting in a program feed with mixed audio and three camera feeds that can be incorporated into an edit master for later use or distribution.

“Ki Pro Ultra 12G has been a great addition to several of our projects. It can be used as a 4K recorder or to record four simultaneous 1080p channels, ”Roche explains. “With the Quad HD recording setup, you basically have four single channel recorders in one unit and in some cases it can take the place of more complex and expensive servers for our customers.”

AJA OG-DANTE-12GAMNew to Strata’s AJA openGear arsenal is the 12G-SDI / DANTE embedder / de-embedder OG-DANTE-12GAM, with 64 channels, which is currently prepared for deployment at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville (Florida) and Compass Christian Church in Phoenix (Arizona).

“Dante audio networking technology has become almost ubiquitous in the HOW space, and if a facility isn’t using it already, it will soon. Introducing Dante to the world of video has so far been a complex and multi-step process, so we are very happy that AJA launched the OG-DANTE-12GAM. This new AJA card offers us a very clean way to integrate audio into video; we just have to connect the card to the Dante network, assign the audio and both the audio and video are mixed. I’m sure it will find its way into most of Strata’s jobs in the future, ”Paryzek concludes.

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