Strautiņš stands out with “double-double” in the second match in a row in Italy; Gražulis has 14 bounced balls

Strautiņš scored 14 points, and Ingus Jakovičs added six points, beating the “Openjobmetis” of Varese by both of them, 88:83 (29:22, 14:23, 19:22, 26:16), beating Bologna’s Fortitudo Lavoropiu.

Strautiņš accumulated his second “double-double” in the first two matches of the season, playing 31 minutes and sending the only two-pointer in the basket, one of the three “thirds”, as well as nine of the ten free throws.

He also won 12 rebounds, scored twice, intercepted one ball, made two mistakes, twice broke the rules, provoked five remarks, scored the highest efficiency ratio of 27, but ended the fight with a +/- score of minus seven.

Jakovičs scored six points in 13 minutes on the court, taking two of the five long shots, but not the only two-point shot. He also has one rebound, one assists, four errors and four notes, as well as an efficiency ratio of minus four and a +/- score of three.

Tony Douglass stood out in the Varese team with 20 points and five rebounds, while Todd Whiters and Trechon Fletcher scored 17 points.

The Trieste “Allianz” club, represented by Andrejs Gražulis, beat Sassari’s “Banco di Sardegna” 74:72 (11:22, 24:15, 17:19, 22:16).

Gražulis spent 33 minutes on the field, scoring four points. He scored one of two two-point shots and two of four “penalties” in the basket, but missed all five three-point shots.

He also won 14 rebounds, scored once, blocked an opponent’s shot once, broke twice and provoked four remarks, scoring 13 efficiency points and a +/- score.

Juan Manuel Fernandes was the winner with 20 points, while Philip Krušlins and Vasilije Pušica scored 16 points.

Meanwhile, John Bloom did not score on Saturday, and his “Reggio di Emilia” Unahotels beat Trentino’s “Dolomiti Energia” 87:81 (17:19, 23:25, 13:20, 23:18).

Bloom spent eight minutes on the court, during which he missed the only two-point throw, earned one personal note, and finished the match with minuses +/- (minus one) and efficiency (minus two).

Brandon Taylor scored 19 points in the winning ranks, but Luke Me stood out with 22 points.

After two games with two victories, the Trieste team is in second place and the Varese team is in fifth place. Reggio di Emilia’s “Unahotels” is the eighth in a 16-team competition with one victory.

There will be 16 teams in Series A this season.

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