Stress, joy, disappointment ... The first results have fallen

A high school consults the Parcoursup portal (illustration). – Franck Lodi / Sipa

Drum roll … Like a Roman emperor, Parcoursup gave his first responses around 19:00 on Wednesday. Thumbs up or down, some 900,000 subscribers have logged in, sometimes saturating the website. Many high school students turned to Twitter to express their frustration, but also their joy or disappointment.

"Hey guys who have seen their wishes, make room! "Implored @ Nes_anb on Tweeter. "I hate, it's saturated! "Was annoyed @ Brams_Vln.

But many also said they could connect – sometimes intermittently – and see the answers. For the moment, the platform is accessible only for the consultation: the candidates, high school students of Terminale, students of reorientation and adults in return of studies, can not answer immediately to the proposals. From May 15 to 19, registrants have five days (D + 4) to accept, refuse or place "pending" the proposal or proposals received, a period reduced to three days from May 20.

Emotional roller coaster

In Toulouse, Pablo, 17, in Terminale S option sciences of the engineer (SSI), is said "relieved". He connected to the Parcoursup site from 18H50, "it did not work, I downloaded the application and there I saw," he says. "Some yes, waiting lists, no no" for his wishes in engineering schools, DUT and general license at the University of Toulouse.

Only problem, it is difficult to evaluate his chances of integrating the school he prefers because of a presentation "confused" ranking rankings. Student sometimes distracted, he believes however that these answers motivate him even more for revisions of the baccalaureate.

Rayna, 17 years old, in her final year of high school diploma in a polyvalent high school in eastern Paris, is "a little surprised" by the responses received: "I had ten wishes and five under-vows for DUT and BTS in transport and logistics and I have only one positive answer. I was expecting at least three 'yes''.

Above all, some formations have, according to her, communicated no response to her wishes. "I was confident" and finally "I'm a little disappointed," says the girl who hopes to get new answers on Thursday morning.

Results updated daily

Disappointment also for Maëlys, in Terminale S in Boulogne-Billancourt (Haut-de-Seine). On nine wishes in licenses of chemistry-biology or SVT in Paris and the Paris region, she has so far no "yes". "I'm '' waiting '' everywhere," she says. "I was expecting more or less because I did not have great results in the last quarter," she admits, while judging these answers "a little frustrating." Positive point: "We can know his rank on the waiting list and I am in the 700th in general". "I wish I had at least one wish, but I think it's going to move fast," she says confidently.

Like last year, and contrary to the previous device (APB), Parcoursup works "on the water". The platform is updated every day, before the day of class, proposals rejected by candidates are immediately reintroduced into the system to be proposed to others. In the meantime, there is the humor and the GIF of Malcolm in the Middle.

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