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Strictly 2018: Shirley Ballas reprimands Strictly viewers who criticize her for her "hard tagging"

Justice Judge Shirley Ballas has strong words for people who criticize her for sending their favorite dancers home:

"It all depends on the public vote and I would be grateful for not receiving 50,000 tweets, it's horrible because I've sent someone home."

"Maybe they should not have been there in the first place – do you know what I'm saying?"

Shirley has already been the target of harsh criticism, but her criticism has intensified in recent weeks after sending Vick Hope back to Capital Radio.

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Shirley argues that she marks every candidate in a fair way

Shirley, speaking to the Daily Star, said, "I'm trying to be positive, not hurting anyone and putting the trust of someone in default."

Vick was in the dance last weekend with controversial comedian Seann Walsh and left the competition after Shirley's deciding vote. When she returned to work on the radio this week, she spoke on television with Roman Kemp, co-host, about how Shirley "hated" her.

Vick was clearly devastated by the loss of the dance

Roman said: "I did not see him in concert last night, I was in the plane, I came back, I landed, my mother 's me called by saying, "Why does Shirley Ballas hate Vick Hope? "

To which Vick replied: "I would have liked to know."

"I think I have to be careful about what I say here because you never know what someone is thinking.

"It was from the first week that people suggested that there was something, I do not know. It's constant and Saturday night, I really felt it was just weird.

"I did not really talk about that. She enjoyed it.

Cha-cha-cha of Vick and Graziano was not considered good enough to keep them in the competition

After Vick 's dismissal, rumors circulated that the BBC producers had pressured the judges to keep Seann on the spot because his current fame was favorable to ratings.

Vick sensationalized that the judges had a "conflict conflict". before returning it from the show.

Some people think that Seann is being retained in the series because he's good at evaluations.

"It was very strange, after the dance, the judges had to make their decisions, but there was some kind of conflict with some producers, then they made their decisions, and it was a stunned silence in the studio …

"It was a really strange atmosphere," she told Breakfast Show listeners.

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