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Strictly Come Dancing, Neil Jones, shares the "emotional" video of his wife Katya

Strictly Come Dancing, professional Neil Jones shared an "emotional" video of his wife Katya dancing in Blackpool while evoking the beginning of their relationship.

Katya's 35-year-old marriage has become tense after photos of her partner smirking Seann Walsh.

But it seems that the dancer wants to ignore the scandal and recalls, in an Instagram post, the first years of their love affair,

Sharing a video of their dances in Blackpool, Neil, who began dating Katya at the age of 18, explained how important the location was to both of them.

He wrote: "Tonight is the last show @bbcstrictly before Blackpool and I know everyone wants to go but who do you want to do it ???

Neil Jones recalled the beginning of his relationship with his wife Katya

The video shows his wife Kata dancing

"For me, Blackpool is a very moving place, because that's where I first met @mrs_katjones and we won 13 titles in Blackpool together in 10 years."

It was an incredibly difficult time for Neil after the publication of scandalous images of his wife and comedian.

He met Katya in Blackpool

Neil called Blackpool "emotional place" for him

Seann and Katya are no longer in the series – but they are not forgotten

While the former Seann player was giving him the poster in a very public display on Twitter, Neil and Katya stood together, seeing themselves on the road to rehearsals with a radiant smile.

Despite this, they have rarely been seen together on the dance floor, often associated with other Strictly pros to relieve the pressure.

* Strictly Come Dancing is airing tonight at 7pm on BBC One

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