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Stroke: what risk factors between 18 and 55 years old?

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Are the risk factors for stroke in young adults different from stroke in older adults, and what are they?

As explained by Dr Philippe Tellier (International Journal of Medicine), “Stroke in young adults seems to constitute a separate entity, and it seems relevant to attribute it to specific mechanisms and causes that would distinguish it from stroke in the elderly, associated with so-called cardiovascular risk factors. traditional “. A German team looked into the question and compared the profile of some 2000 patients aged 18 to 55 who have suffered from Stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic) with that of 8,500 people without a vascular neurological history.

Eight risk factors were examined: arterial hypertension, excess of cholesterol, diabetes, coronary disease, smoking, excessive consumption ofalcohol (in particular by episodes: binge drinking), low level of physical activity (sedentary lifestyle) and obesity. The analysis shows that two factors overlap ” the lion’s share “ in the risk of stroke: sedentary lifestyle and thearterial hypertension. The combination of two or more of the eight risk situations explains the vast majority (80%) of strokes.

In other words, as in the elderly, sedentary lifestyle and hypertension appear to be the two main causes of stroke in younger people. And so, whatever the age, the prevention is based on these two axes… without obviously neglecting the others, since accumulation increases the danger even more.

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