Strong criticism of Mateo Carvajal for behavior with his son

A few weeks ago, the son of Mateo Carvajal and Melina Ramírez, Salvador, completed his first year of life, despite the fact that the romantic relationship between the two celebrities ended in 2019, both have been very committed to the well-being of the child.

Both the athlete and the presenter usually show some tender moments that show the upbringing of the child, for example, a while ago a video in which Ramírez showed how Salvador’s hair was when she tried to cut it off, the baby’s shearing became very viral Because of the desperate quarantine measures, it amused many on social networks.

However, now there are strong criticisms against the Antioqueño and the way in which he takes care of his only son, a few hours ago Mateo Carvajal shared a video on his Instagram account, in the short he is seen giving food to Salvador, but he uses the same spoon with which he feeds it for him also to eat.

He post has a caption that says: “Good morning” and has almost 170 thousand likes in the social network, although several negative comments can be seen in which Carvajal is scold for his behavior.

Among the criticisms are the following: “It is not healthy to share the same spoon! Mateo, you can transmit and infect your baby with all your viruses ”, he himself responded by saying:“ Take care to take care of yours so that this does not happen to you ”.


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