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Student dies while exercising at a Tampico school

A student high school lost his life this Monday March 9 in a high school Tampico, in Tamaulipas while exercising during his sports class; The 14-year-old died of an apparent cardiac arrest.

The events occurred around 9:30 in the morning at General Secondary number 2 “Lauro Aguirre”, when the student He was performing the exercises indicated by his teacher, when from one moment to another he vanished.

According to the teacher’s report, the boy was running when suddenly it fell from their own height, the teachers managed to revive him but the child did not respond.

The student died of an apparent heart attack

The student died of an apparent heart attack

The Red Cross paramedics came to the place, who reviewed the student and provided first aid, however, the child no longer presented vital signs.

According to the medical report, the child had a cardiac history, which could have caused him death, after practicing for a long time the sport assigned by the teacher.

To school Tampico secondary elements of the Expert Services Unit of the Attorney General’s Office also attended, who carried out the lifting of the student’s body.

Student dies while playing at school

Amozoc is in mourning after the death of an 11-year-old boy from a heart attack while playing in recess at Emperor Cuauhtémoc Elementary School in the municipality of Puebla.

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The events occurred on January 20 when the student who suffered from heart problems, went to recess, had breakfast and later decided to play with his classmates on the field of primary school in Amozoc.


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