students mistakenly received a favorable response in a training


According to the Ministry of Higher Education, 400 of the 14,500 formations found on the platform had overestimated their capacity.

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Candidates enrolled on the Parcoursup graduate access platform, who had received a proposal for admission, found that they were finally placed on the waiting list, due to an overvalued capacity in some courses, said Friday, May 17, Parcoursup.

The teams of the Ministry of Higher Education, in charge of the platform, "Carried out the usual checks" Thursday, the day after the publication of the first responses of the 14,500 courses offered by Parcoursup (universities, preparatory classes, BTS, DUT, schools …). But they "Have been alerted by abnormally high rates of admission proposals made by certain formations in relation to their reception capacity", the ministry added in a statement, adding that this concerned 400 of the 14,500 formations found on the platform, "About 2% of the total number of courses".

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"The situation of the candidates having made wishes in the concerned formations was thus updated so that it corresponds to the reality of the capacities of reception", continue Parcoursup.

Answers given to candidates since Wednesday evening have been updated, and candidates – high school seniors, students in reorientation, adult resumption of studies – have had the unpleasant surprise to discover "On the waiting list" whereas they had been admitted, little before.

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