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Studies: Only children are not more than the people with siblings


German researchers found that only children with siblings are more likely to have children. (Photo: Getty Images)

Thanks to a very unseen survey of 1896, children were only given a disease and were destroyed as destructive, selfish and narcotic.

And German researchers said that previous studies had not helped. Even if they wanted to eliminate assumptions, the studies have not gone far enough. They did not include either a sufficiently large sample or did not take allowances for variables such as gender and socio-economic status.

However, a recent study published in the Social Psychological and Personalality Science magazine provides definitive proof that only children need to stop the ongoing generalization that they are narcissistic and interested alone.

"We can now say with relatively high confidence that only children are not only more narcissistic than people with sisters," said psychologist Michael Dufner from Leipzig University in Germany.

Children also believe the stereotype too

The research was carried out by the University of Leipzig and the University of Münster and looked at 556 adults of an average age of 46. Participants had a mixture of children and those with brothers and sisters.

They completed an online survey and the findings concluded that only children and those who had siblings believed that children were more expensive.

In a separate experiment, researchers analyzed responses from 1,810 people – 233 children and 1,577 with siblings. The study focused on two personality traits used to measure narcissism: feelings of self-esteem and being more at risk of competition.

The personality traits in children were only higher than in siblings.

Researchers said that their studies do not support parents with more children to ensure that no one child grows as a teacher.

"When sociologists, economists or policy makers discuss the disadvantages of low fertility rates, they should revisit the idea of ​​growing up without growing siblings," said Dufner. "Of course, there may be economic or societal costs associated with low birth rates, but growing stories in the next generation do not seem to be a factor in the discussion."


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