Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Study notes that bathing every day can cause diseases

A recent study by the University of Columbia, in the United States, indicates that this habit, carried too much, could cause diseases.

According to the newspaper Publimetro, the “experts” point out that bathing daily with hot water dries the skin, which causes germs and bacteria to enter the body.

“I think the daily shower is mainly for aesthetic reasons. People think they bathe for hygiene or for being cleaner, but bacteriologically that is not the case, “said Dr. Elaine Larson, an expert in infectious diseases and associate dean of research at the School of Nursing of that house of studies.

The researcher pointed out that “showering too much strips the skin of natural protective oils that can alter the ‘good’ bacteria that support the immune system of people.”

Therefore, just washing your hands regularly and using clean clothes is enough to prevent infections.

The study was published in the Annal of Internal Medicine and also has the support of other researchers, according to International Business Times.

Brandon Mitchell, an assistant professor of dermatology at George Washington University, supports Larson’s research and points out that special care should be taken with antibacterial cleansers “that promise to kill germs and give clean, shiny skin.”

Finally, about the “ideal” number of showers that a person should take a week, the professor said that “no more than one or two”.


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