Study on long-term effects: those who have recovered suffer from post-Covid fatigue

Anyone who is no longer infectious is far from being healthy. Several studies that have looked at the long-term effects of Covid-19 have already come to this conclusion. According to the latest research, those who have recovered complain of fatigue for weeks.

Persistent fatigue is a problem for many people after surviving Covid 19 disease. In a study with almost 130 participants, more than half of the former patients complained of symptoms of fatigue weeks later. The Irish scientists report in the journal “Plos One”. According to the researchers, whether someone seriously ill with Covid-19 had to be hospitalized or not does not play a major role in the subsequent fatigue.

Almost 56 percent of the study participants had been treated with Covid-19 as an inpatient. A good 52 percent of the 128 participants, who had all survived the acute phase of illness at the time of the examination, still showed symptoms of fatigue at least six weeks after the infection, and for many this was the case even after ten weeks or more.

A good 42 percent said after this time they felt completely healthy again. “The study emphasizes the burden of post-Covid fatigue. It also shows that post-Covid fatigue is not related to the severity of the disease,” said Liam Townsend of Trinity College Dublin, who conducted the research with several colleagues. “It is therefore not easy to predict trends.”

A study by the second largest German private health insurance company (DKV) had already shown that anyone who is no longer infectious is far from healthy. According to the DKV data, Corona is particularly dangerous for people with heart disease and high blood pressure. More than two-thirds of those suffering from Covid-19 were diagnosed with one of the two diseases before or during treatment. “People with respiratory diseases are also disproportionately represented,” said Muth.


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