Study: Treatment given to Trump is not as effective

The drug remdesivir, considered one of the most promising treatments against covid-19 and given to President Donald Trump after becoming infected, turns out to be ineffective in preventing death from this disease, according to a study supported by the World Organization Health (WHO).

The drug “appears to have little or no effect on those hospitalized for covid-19, as indicated by the rates of mortality, the start of respiratory assistance or the length of hospital stay,” explains this study published online Thursday night.

Remdesivir, which was part of the experimental cocktail given to the US president after he contracted the coronavirus last month, is one of several drugs reviewed by this large study of more than 11,000 people in 30 countries.

The data, which have not yet been reviewed by other physicians before being published in a scientific journal, appear to contradict at least two large US studies that showed that remdesivir could reduce the length of hospitalizations for patients with COVID-19.

The United States authorized the use of the drug on May 1, manufactured by the US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences and originally intended as a treatment for the Ebola virus. The European Union and other countries later authorized it.

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