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Stufful, protagonist of a Community Day with some light and many shadows

Pokémon GO has decided to give a strong change of direction to its Community Days and during the month of April we will have a very different approach to which we have seen in the past, both in the choice of the protagonist Pokémon and in other aspects.

And it is that, for the first time, a Pokémon will debut in an event of this category. It’s about Stufful, originating from the seventh generation and therefore perfect for the Alola theme. Along with him will also come Bewearits evolution, that you will know Drain Fist if it evolves during the day.

It is also, a brand new Fighting-type move. The interesting thing about this attack, short of its energy cost, is that it seems very useful for PVP. Will raise the user’s defense, something that until now had only been done by Headbutt. However, they are very different movements, since the existing one has 130 damage and Drain Punch only 20, so its energy cost will be lower.

Until it is incorporated into the code, all that remains is to guess, but it’s probably a clone of Surge Punch swapping the attack buff for defense buff. If so, like Death Stinger, it will cost 35 energy, making it a useful option to buff up against opponents who can’t do anything against you, or simply to bash shields.

The negative part of the event is the adjustment in its duration. Compared to the 6 hours that had become usual, they will leave it in only 3. The justification is that few players spent more than three, but the community has protested because it means reducing the flexibility that had allowed adapting to both morning and evening hours.

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Among the multiple bonuses, the triple the experience per catch and double the candy. The first, in addition, can be increased to four times near those baited Poképaradas in which the trainers have captured enough Pokémon.

Niantic’s goal is clear: to return to the Community Days to really serve to bring the players together. It is laudable to try to break the isolation that the bulk of the players have adopted due to the pandemic, but the extra bonuses seem insufficient compared to a nerf as strong to the event as that of the duration.

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