Suicidal, bring Cienfuegos and do nothing: Ebrard

The federal government assured that, after the arrival from the United States of General Salvador Cienfuegos, former secretary of National Defense (Sedena) – after Judge Carol Amon agreed to withdraw the accusations against him for drug trafficking and money laundering – it will be carried out in Mexico A high-profile investigation, he pointed out, would be “almost suicidal” to bring in the former secretary and do nothing.

At a press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked the population to have confidence in the investigations that the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) will carry out on the case and stated that foreign agencies cannot be allowed to judge Mexicans if there are no tests, and recalled that there are cooperation agreements between countries that must be respected.

“[Quiero] tell people to have confidence and also assert our sovereignty, because foreign agencies cannot be allowed to judge Mexicans if there is no evidence. In addition, there are cooperation agreements that must be respected, he said.

“How is it that there is a cooperation agreement in this matter and we do not find out that he is going to be arrested or that an investigation is open against a Mexican, whoever, in this case General Cienfuegos? So what are the cooperation agreements for? ”He commented.

The head of the Executive pointed out that in Mexico the law is applied evenly and stressed that it is not because they are judicial agencies from other countries that they are holders of rectitude and justice.

“This was created because the Mexican authorities were not up to the task and the idea was created that they are punished there and not here. Now it is different, there is already a change, “he said.

Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), assured that in the case of the general an investigation will be carried out “at the height of the prestige of Mexico and the dignity of the country”, and pointed out that in this matter Mexico has defended its dignity and prestige.

“There is confidence, both in the United States and in Mexico, that the corresponding investigation will be with the highest standards of effectiveness and honesty, and the FGR and the Mexican Judicial Branch are entrusted, supported, which we believe something very significant, coming from the authorities, also judicial, of the United States ”.

“So that Mexico has defended its dignity, its prestige and justice will also have to be done in accordance with what Mexican law provides and the investigations that the FGR will carry out,” he said.

In the National Palace, the foreign minister assured that it would be “almost suicidal” to bring General Cienfuegos Zepeda to Mexico and then do nothing, because for that “he would have better stayed in the United States” where he was detained for being allegedly related to drug trafficking.


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