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Summary of Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano match (0-1); crisis?

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On April 18 he fell and Cadiz 1-0, on the 21st they barely won 1-0 Real society and this Sunday fell amazing with Vallecano Ray 1-0, so Barcelona practically already delivered the title to Real Madridbecause only a catastrophe would make them happen.

The whites have 78 units and Barcelona 63, when there are 15 points left to play and the same amount is the difference between them, so the Catalans would need Madrid to lose all their duels with Xavi, something that sounds more complicated than. a miracle.

In addition, Barcelona is concerned about a possible crisis, some time before being eliminated from there Europa League final for Frankfurtthey also have a goal in three games LaLiga.

The Blaugrana had trouble getting depth and brightness up front, despite having possession of the balloon; while the rival barely had two shots on goal and it was enough.

At 7 ‘he was surprised by his goal, Alvaro Garcia shoot with right foot from the center of the box to the right of the goal, converting the target with the assistance Isi Palazon after a deep pass.

Barcelona did not tire of constantly falling out of place, so dangerous games did not go well.

Already in the final stretch of the match, he went more seriously in the attack. Memphis Savings He was close to equalizing the score, but his shots went a little into goal. Subsequently, 11 minutes were added to the timer and even then the equalizer could not come.

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Despite the defeat, Barcelona remain in second place, but are stagnant with 63 points, far from 78 Real Madrid; during Seville third place has the same number of units and remains within reach Atletico Madrid with 61. Rayo Vallecano reaches 40.

The next game is against Majorca by Javier Aguirrewill be played Sunday, May 1st.


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