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Summary of the latest information such as Overwatch 2 release date –GameWith

table of contents

  • What is “Overwatch 2”?
  • Game system
  • battle NEW!
  • New element NEW!
  • character
  • story
  • Basic information such as release date

Latest information / update history

date update content
5/21 (gold) ・ PvP5 people vs 5 peopleTo!
・New elements“push”The actual play of the machine is released on live distribution

What is “Overwatch 2”?

▲ The gameplay trailer that is open to the public.

The sequel to the world-famous FPS “Overwatch”!

PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC compatible game software released by Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch 2』。

Fight as a team with unique heroesAction Shooting (FPS), “Overwatch”SequelThat’s right.

In this workstoryPut emphasis on4-player co-op PvE(※1)modeIncluding PvP(※2)ForNew heroes and new modesSuchMany new elementsIs recorded.

Overwatch 2 PvE image

The long-awaited “PvE” has finally been implemented! In PvE, story and hero development are the elements of attention.

Also, of the previous work “Overwatch”Achievements and acquired itemsIsAll can be taken over.. Those who have already played the previous work will be able to take over the data as it is and enjoy it.

* 1: Mode to fight CPU enemies instead of interpersonal
* 2: Mode to fight in person

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“Overwatch 2” game system

NEW!The battle is 5 vs 5!

Gameplay image

The battle of this work isFirst-person shooter (FPS)
For each hero (character)Different abilitiesIt is a battle action that decides the victory or defeat by defeating the opponent team while using.

Also,Major changes from the previous workFrom a 6-person vs. 6-person team5 people vs 5 peopleIt was a team battle.

According to the development, the game has changed after the long operation of the previous work, and the aim is to make it easier to grasp the situation during the battle.

Image of melee attack

▲ The basics are shooting, but some heroes are good at melee attacks with swords. The fun of finding a hero with a play style that suits you is the real thrill of this work.

Roles in a team attract enemy attacks1 tank, Attacker1 damage, In charge of support2 support people

Each player approaches victory by performing his or her role well.TeamworkIs a required battle.

NEW!New elements from this work

■ Story mission

Overwatch 2 Story Mission Image

Added a mode to enjoy the story.Cooperative play with 4 playersIt is a mode where you can enjoy a completely different kind of fun from interpersonal battles.

Pay attention to the conversations and stories of unique heroes that can only be seen here.

Overwatch 2 Skill Customization Image

In addition, we focused on one hero“Hero mission”ThenCultivate your favorite heroIt is also possible.

By continuing to fightLevel upAndCustomize skillsAnd the range of battle can be further expanded.

■ New rule “push”

Overwatch 2 push image

New mode of PvP“push”

The rule is that the teams scramble for control of the robot located in the center of the map, and finally push the robot to the enemy’s base to win.


▲ The actual play video of “Push” by the development staff has been released (live distribution).

■ New map

Overwatch 2 Monte Carlo Image

New mapAlso added a lot.
New YorkOrRio de JaneiroIt is possible to engage in battles in famous cities in each country.

Overwatch 2 New York Image

Overwatch 2 Rio de Janeiro Image

▲ It seems that you can think of going around using the complicated cityscape.


The familiar characters from the previous workGraphic evolutionAlong withNew equipmentI’m dressed in.


Overwatch 2 Tracer Image


Overwatch 2 Reinhardt image


Overwatch 2 Tracer Image

■ Click here for other characters!

“Overwatch 2” official website


▲ “Overwatch 2” cinematic trailer.

▲ A trailer that allows you to review the story so far.

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Basic information such as the release date of “Overwatch 2”

Release date Undecided
the company Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Action / shooting
price Undecided
Corresponding hardware PS4 / Switch / Xbox One / PC
Product information Undecided
Official site Overwatch 2 Official
Official Twitter Overwatch Official


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