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Summer sport: get high with the via ferrata

Ever heard of via ferrata? Take advantage of your vacation to test this “a kind of tree climbing on rock”, as Thierry Boil sums up, French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs (FFCAM). Meaning “railroad” in Italian, it involves skirting a rock wall, equipped with a harness attached to solid metal ropes.

“The routes, classified from easy (F) to extremely difficult (ED), allow novice climbers to discover verticality”, explains Thierry Boil. If you do not suffer from joint problems (“it pulls slightly on the arms”), overweight or, of course, dizziness, the via ferrata may well become your favorite summer activity.

Accessible to everyone

“Even without being a great sportsman, you can quite manage,” he reassures. The main thing is to go at your own pace. Children can also participate, “as long as they are big enough to hang their harness on the metal lanyard.”

In terms of safety, Thierry Boil recommends a helmet, gloves and mountain boots: “The soles must be very hard so as not to suffer in the event of a break or prolonged stop. »As with tree climbing, two carabiners secure the climber.

Afraid of panicking in the middle of the circuit? The equipment is provided so that we can “get dry”, that is to say, let go arms and legs and sit on his harness while waiting to be joined by the instructor. Note that most of the via ferrata routes descend by foot.

For a “discovery” experience supervised by a professional, count between 20 and 40 euros per person.

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