Super Tuesday: Biden brings Texas – all states and winners at a glance

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Biden brings Texas – all states and winners at a glance

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Biden and Sanders go head to head

In the race for the US Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden put an unexpected winning streak in the primaries. Rival Sanders faces a win in California. Carsten Hädler has the current figures.

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg: Which democratic candidate was able to secure the lion’s share of the 415 delegate votes in California, who the thickest disc of the 228 in Texas? Here you can see the winners of the 14 states at a glance.

AIn Super Tuesday, a total of 14 US states voted, including the two heavyweights Texas and California. It was the most important day so far in the race for the Democratic presidential candidate: it was about the votes of more than a third of all delegates who will determine the presidential candidate at the nomination party conference in the summer.

After the first four primaries, the left senator lay Bernie Sanders in the lead. Up until this Tuesday, the 78-year-old was also the leader in national surveys. The “Super Tuesday” changes its clear favorite role: ex-vice president Joe Biden went on election Tuesday with a powerful tailwind. Eliminated applicants Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke had called on their supporters to support the 77-year-old’s candidacy.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden's Super Tuesday night rally in Los Angeles

Joe Biden had a surprising winning streak at “Super Tuesday”


This boost contributed Biden decisive victories on Tuesday. He won in one of the major states, Texas, as well as in Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. Bernie Sanders won in his home state of Vermont, Colorado and Utah – and is predicted to be on the winning track in the important state of California, where most of the delegate votes can be obtained.

Biden’s most important competitor from the moderate warehouse has only just entered the race: the multi-billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (78) was on the “Super Tuesday” for the first time on the ballot papers. He won American Samoa in the Pacific Territory – and was able to break the 15 percent threshold in several countries after the first projections. Bloomberg will also receive delegates, but overall, his performance is a disappointment.

The left senator Elizabeth Warren (70) and the Congresswoman, who is considered to have no chance Tulsi Gabbard (38) completed the Democratic candidate field. However, according to projections, even in Massachusetts, which she represents as a senator, Warren was only in third place behind Biden and Sanders. And Joe Biden won her home state of Oklohoma. The journey should be over for you.


Source: WORLD infographic / Beate Nowak

Vermont (16 delegates)

The Bernie Sanders won several American channels, according to the State of Vermont, which he represents in the US Senate.

Virginia (99 delegates)

Former US Vice President Joe Biden is predicted to have won the Democratic primary in Virginia. This was reported by the US television channels CNN, Fox News, ABC and NBC on Tuesday evening (local time) after the polling stations in the state in the east of the United States. In Virginia, the election is about the votes of 99 delegates who will officially elect the party’s presidential candidate at the Democratic nomination convention in July. At first it was still unclear how many delegates from Virginia will ultimately account for Biden.

North Carolina (110 delegates)

CNN predicts Joe Biden’s win.

American Samoa (6 delegates)

Mike Bloomberg won in the American Pacific Territory.

Maine (24 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 2 a.m.CET. According to the forecasts Biden and Sanders fight for victory. Until early morning it was called “too close to call”. Too tight to call out a winner.

Massachusetts (91 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 2 a.m.CET. American media saw a very close race between Massachusetts Senator Elisabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Fox was the first to announce Biden as the winner. CNN followed. For Elisabeth Warren, this is the bitterest defeat of the evening.

Tennessee (64 delegates)

Various American media see Biden as the winner in Tennessee.

Alabama (52 delegates)

Joe Biden is also predicted to have won the Democratic area code in southern Alabama. This was reported by CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox News on Tuesday evening (local time) after the polling stations closed in the state.

Oklahoma (37 delegates)

Fox News and CNN Declare Joe Biden Winner in Oklahoma

Texas (228 delegates)

Joe Biden is also predicted to win the important state of Texas. The former US vice president narrowly prevailed against Sanders. In Texas, 228, and therefore a particularly large number, of delegates are cast for the election of the presidential candidate.

Arkansas (31 delegates)

The AP news agency and Fox broadcaster declared Joe Biden the winner.

Minnesota (75 delegates)

Joe Biden said in a speech to Los Angeles supporters that he also won in Minnesota. The broadcaster Fox confirmed this assessment.

Colorado (67 delegates)

The ABC broadcaster declared Sanders the winner in Colorado.

Utah (29 delegates)

Fox broadcaster and AP news agency see Sanders as the winner in the Mormon state.

California (415 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 5 a.m.CET. According to CNN’s first forecasts, Bernie Sanders is ahead. The news agency AP and the broadcaster Fox announced him very early as the winner. Biden is fighting for second place with Bloomberg.


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