Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Supergirl launches Nicole Maines as the first trans-hero of TV

Supergirl is about to make history.

At the San Diego Comic-Con Series panel on Saturday, the CW announced that Royal Pains and Nicole Maines of the Trans List will join Supergirl ] Season 4 as Nia Nal, better known by the nickname of Dreamer superhero, to become the first transgender superheroes on television. Deadline confirms the casting of Maines.

Described as "a transgender young woman with a fierce desire to protect others," Nia will not be a full-fledged vigilante at the beginning of the fourth season of Supergirl . Instead, the next collection of episodes will see Nia, a new member of the CatCo reporting team, seize her inner strength to become what she was supposed to be Dream Hero

Dreamer was compared to the way Melissa Benoist's Kara Zor-El grew up and matured to become Supergirl as she shows up today.

Overall, the character appears to be a new version of Nura Nal from DC Comics, otherwise known as the Dream Girl.

Maines is not the only new addition to Supergirl season 4. April Parker Jones ( If you're wrong, Jericho, The Last Ship ) will play the role of Colonel Haley, an "uncompromising military woman" who devotes herself fiercely to her country and remains faithful to her commandments. officers. David Ajala ( Nightflyers, Doctor Who ) is also on board, but in a recurring role rather than a regular series, such as the devilishly charming and witty Manchester Black, described as the genre of 39. man who can best enemies in any situation – even when he "brings a knife to a shootout."

It will be a pleasure to see how this new trio integrates into the established narrative, which is supposed to explore the famous story of DC Comics Red Son in Season 4.

Supergirl presenting Mia Nia Nal as the first transgender superhero of television sets an incredible precedent and opens the doors to an even more positive LGBTQ + representation on the small screen. Could we see Alysia Yeoh – Barbara Gordon / batgirl's best friend, roommate and transgender woman – in a DC series in the future? It would be 100% kick-ass, and we hope it will happen someday soon.

For now, we can not wait to see new faces Nia Nal, Colonel Haley and Manchester Black team up with the rest of the team Supergirl when season 4 will be presented on Sunday October 14 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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