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Surprise of PPF. Jiří Šmejc will lead the most powerful Czechoslovak group

Ladislav Bartoníček ends up leading the most powerful group, replacing Petr Kellner after his tragic death. Kellner’s longtime collaborator Jiří Šmejc will take his place in mid-June. Information SZ Byznys was immediately confirmed by PPF.

At the same time, Šmejc obtained a precautionary right to purchase up to a ten percent share of PPF, which can be exercised after three years.

“Our family and Jiří have a long-term friendship. In 2005–2012, he was a key figure in the PPF, and he and Petr often discussed the group’s business activities with Petr and knew each other well.” that is why I am very happy that Jiří has ​​accepted my offer for the position of PPF director, and I wish him every success in developing Petrov ‘s legacy and further building the group, “said Renáta Kellnerová.

For Šmejce, the new commitment also means a return to the group that has significantly helped this billionaire in business growth. In recent years, Šmejc has focused on the development of its Emma Capital group. However, along with PPF, it still has a stake in the Home Credit installment company.

“I appreciate the offer to lead the PPF group. I take it as a confirmation of my long-standing friendship with the Petr Kellner family, which has always played an important role in my life. Professionally, this is the tip of the iceberg The Czech Republic, “said Šmejc.

Bartoníček will become a member of the shareholder’s advisory committee, which is Kellner’s heir. Bartoníček himself is a minority shareholder in PPF with a share of 0.535 percent.

Jiří Šmejc

  • graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
  • in 2003 he helped Peter Kellner control TV Nova, and they have worked together ever since
  • had a significant share in the construction of PPF Group, until 2012 it was a five per cent shareholder
  • today it has Emma Capital investment group, which includes part of Home Credit
  • it also owns, for example, natural gas and electricity distributors in Romania and Moldova
  • also has a stake in the Croatian lottery company SuperSport
  • it also owns three quarters of the luxury hotel resort of Velaa Private Island in the Maldives

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