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Surprised caregiver stuffing his bra with stolen money to a patient with dementia

A caregiver was caught poking into his money bra belonging to a person with dementia after a family had installed a camera hidden in the bedroom.

The camera was hidden in an alarm clock and captured 61-year-old Graziella Avetti, taking £ 130 in cash from a purse, a bed and a bedside cabinet.

Avetti spent the night at home taking care of the mother of the 90-year-old owner of dementia, reports Nottinghamshire Live.

The family decided to put the camera in place after informing the police that ten jewels – rings, watches, bracelets and necklaces – had been stolen from home in Normanton-on-the-Wolds. , Nottinghamshire, October 8th.

Avetti stuffs money into her bra

Avetti was sentenced to 12 months of public works and 160 hours of unpaid work and £ 750 of prosecution costs.

No one was arrested or charged in connection with the theft of jewelery.

Avetti, 61, of Long Eaton, worked at home on October 13 and drank coffee in the kitchen when she returned home the next day.

But after the resident checked the camera, there were clear pictures of Avetti taking money out of her room.

She fumbled in a bag and purse before stealing money and hiding it in her bra. The police were called and Avetti was arrested.

Avetti digging into bags on the bed

She denied the theft of money offense in police interview, but pleaded guilty to her appearance before the Crown Court in Nottingham.

On Thursday, 6 December, Avetti was sentenced to 12 months of public works, 160 hours of unpaid work, a fine of £ 750 and a victim fine surcharge of £ 85.

Police investigator Russell Oliver, who led the investigation, said: "Avetti was trusted to take care of an elderly woman and spent the night at home several times.

Avetti took £ 130 total cash

"But the family was horrified to find a perfectly clear video footage showing that she had stolen money while only the elderly mother was at home with her – and she clearly thought no one would look at him.

"After the daughter of the woman she looked after came home the next morning, she was quietly drinking coffee in the kitchen and exchanging jokes.

"Fortunately, the family's hidden camera has caught red-handed and she now has to deal with what she's done."

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