Surrogate mother babies stuck in Ukraine because of border closure

MMore than a hundred babies carried by surrogate mothers in Ukraine cannot be picked up by their parents because of the border closures due to the corona pandemic. “In total, more than a hundred children in Ukraine are waiting for their parents in several facilities,” said Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova to journalists on Thursday.

The longer the restrictions that have been in force since March, the more babies are affected. “Their number could reach almost 1,000,” said the human rights MP, citing estimates from a surrogacy clinic in Kiev.

According to Denisowa, 51 newborn babies were accommodated in a hotel belonging to the clinic in Kiev. 15 of them were already there with their parents, who were able to enter before the border was closed. 36 other babies would be looked after by clinic staff there. According to the Ombudsman, they should be picked up by couples from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United States.

French couples are particularly affected

Denisowa said she asked the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make it easier for parents of newborns to enter. However, the question has not yet been finally resolved, and in some cases the country’s embassies refused to help. According to a report by the French newspaper “Le Monde”, it is mainly France where surrogacy is not allowed.

Commercial surrogacy is prohibited in most European countries, but allowed in Ukraine, one of the poorest European countries. The former Soviet Republic is an increasingly interesting destination for foreign couples looking for a surrogate mother.


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