survey of the cattle industry in Poland


Poland is becoming one of the European leaders in beef. In 2018, 564,000 tons were produced there, an increase of 48% in ten years. A team from France 2 has hauled up the chopped steaks market sold to French food aid associations. One of the largest slaughterhouses in Poland is in the countryside, cameras are not welcome. According to the employees surveyed, all the rules are respected, except that in countries, they are not the same as in France. Steaks do not have to be 99% beef muscle.

The journalists of France 2 went to the CĂ´tes-d'Armor, to the address of the French importer of fraudulent products. The boss is unreachable. On the Polish side, it is the intermediary who is in question, the manufacturers are only responding to orders. In the European Union, there is no control of the goods at the borders, so deception can only be detected once the goods are in the store. The perpetrators of the fraud are liable to two years' imprisonment and a 1.5 million euro fine.

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