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Survivor of the Missouri boat disaster says passengers said not to put lifejackets | American News

An Indiana who lost nine members of her family, including her children and her husband, when an amphibious boat carrying tourists capsized and sank on a lake during a storm said on television that the Captain of the boat told the passengers not to don. life vest.

The Ride the Ducks boat sank on Table Rock Lake in Branson, southwest Missouri on Thursday night

Tia Coleman told an Indianapolis TV channel that she and his nephew were the only survivors of 11 members of their family. who were on the amphibious vehicle when he sank.

"I lost all my children, I lost my husband, I lost my mother-in-law, I lost my father-in-law, I lost lost my uncle, i lost my sister-in-law and i lost my nephew.I'm fine, but it's really hard, "said Coleman to Fox 59 from his bed. 39 Branson hospital.

She said that her husband "would like the world to know" that when they were in the water, the captain of the vehicle told them not to put on their lifejackets, an action that, according to her, had cost the life.

"The captain told us – do not worry about grabbing the lifejackets, you will not need them", nobody caught them because we listened to the captain and he told us to sit ". "However, when doing this, when it was time to catch them, it was too late, I think many people could have been spared."

A spokeswoman for Cox Medical Center in Branson said that four Adults and three children arrived at the hospital shortly after the incident. Two adults were in critical condition and the rest were treated for minor injuries, Brandei Clifton said.

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Sheriff Doug Rader of Stone County said the stormy weather probably capsized the boat. Rader said at a press conference Friday that he believed the boat sank in 40 feet (12m) of water and rolled in 80 feet of water.

Rader declared another duck on the lake. The sheriff's assistant deputy minister, on leave, helped rescue people.

He said the Ride the Ducks pilot died but the captain survived.

Location map

Steve Lindenberg, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Springfield, Missouri, said the agency had issued a violent thunderstorm warning for the Branson area on Thursday night. Lindenberg said the winds reached speeds of over 100 km / h. "There is nothing to slow down the winds in an open area."

Suzanne Smagala with Ripley Entertainment, owner of Ride the Ducks in Branson, said the company was helping the authorities in the rescue effort. Smagala added that it was the only accident on the Branson tour in more than 40 years of operation.

A video of the sinking of the boat was posted on YouTube showing the ship fighting the strong wind and high waves before her nose went under the water line.

Donald Trump said on Twitter that his "deepest sympathies" were with those who were affected by the "terrible boating accident". "Such a tragedy, such a great loss."

Branson is about 200 miles southeast of Kansas City and is a popular vacation spot for families and tourists. A tornado that passed through downtown Branson in 2012 destroyed dozens of buildings and injured three dozen people, but did not kill anyone.

<img class = "gu-image" itemprop = "contentUrl" alt = "Rescuers capsized and sank at Table Rock Lake, Missouri 19659021] Rescue personnel are seen after the amphibious canoe has capsized and sank at Table Rock Lake, Missouri Photo: Social Media / Reuters

Ducks, who can travel on land and in the water, have already been involved in other deadly incidents. Five students were killed in Seattle in 2015 when a duck boat collided with a bus, and 13 people died in 1999 when a duck boat sank near Hot Springs, Arkansas

. Critics have argued that part of the problem is that too many agencies regulate boats with varying safety requirements.

Ducks were used by the US Army during the Second World War to transport troops and supplies. tourist vehicles.

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