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Survivors 2020: the expelled and the confrontation between Cristian and Rocío Carrasco

The fish dies through the mouth, and also some contestants of ‘Survivors. Sofía Suescun’s brother seems to want to emulate the winner of ‘GH Vip 7’, an expert in throwing darts through her mouth and not keeping quiet even under water. Cristian is having a bad streak in the contest and his fights with José Antonio Avilés are continuous. It is true that the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ is another specialist in driving the staff crazy and his high tone of voice unnerves the most painted, with this he managed to get Antonio Pavón to lose the papers on more than one occasion and, once the bullfighter was sent off, he had set his target in Suescun.

The dispute began this time at break time. Cristian was lying down and José Antonio chatted animatedly with Rocío right next to him. Kicks from the recumbent contestant angered the journalist who shouted at him to stop. “If you’re getting horny,” the sleeper quipped. “You’re crazy? You are a pathological patient, “replied Avilés with numerous fuss.

The brawl was served and, after numerous shocks, Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter joined the baseball player without knowing that he was going to receive a more than abrupt reply from the victim. “You keep quiet, not even your mother loves you”Suescun released without anesthesia. Aviles called him everything and the girl, somewhat perplexed by the sharp and ugly response, tried to remove iron from the matter: «You see what I care what you tell me». And the ‘Viva la vida’ closed the matter. “What a hunger for TV!”

The thing about Avilés and Suescun has a difficult solution, but the link of the first with the daughter of Antonio David seems to come to fruition. “We are already solving it,” both assured Jorge Javier Vázquez, already live. But Rocío has a lot of iron ahead and the relationship with her mother came up again, this time quoted by Elena, Adara’s mother. The woman confessed that she did not like much how her father had acted in some television programs and Flores was not silent. «If you had lived the ordeal that we have lived, you would change your mind», he claimed. And he added: In the end those who have lost here are my brother and I in a war that does not belong to us ».

Tears of emotion

Rocío Carrasco’s daughter continued to reveal data on the low affinity she has with her mother, defending tooth and nail to Antonio David, who could barely contain his tears of emotion as he contemplated the images from the set. “Before speaking on television, he has done many things (his father) that the other party did not do. I was eight or nine years old and had to take care of things that did not belong to me», Argued the young woman.

“At my father’s house there has never been a bad word about my mother, not even putting her in the worst situation,” he continued. “Here there has been no respect for the children, and it has not been on the part of my father”, concluded. Jorge Javier wanted to investigate the issue, but she resolved quickly seeking conciliation. “Saying what I have said I have not wanted to harm anyone, I just think that to judge you have to know,” he clarified.

OtherwiseAlejandro Reyes was expelled from the night, and Fani, Ivana, Cristian and Hugo are this week’s nominees.


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