Suspects of quadruple murder in Enschede remain silent during trial | NOW

The three men suspected of shooting four people in a grow shop in Enschede remain silent during the substantive handling of their case. To every question from the court, Camil A. and his sons Dejan and Denis always answer on Tuesday: “Right of silence.”

In the morning hours, the men were allowed to respond to the evidence. For example, on November 13, 2018, the three family members were seen in a car near the building where the killed victims were found later that day.

DNA traces and footprints of the suspects were also found at the crime scene. Traces of blood from one of the victims have also been discovered in the family’s car. These blood traces were on the inside of the door of the Volkswagen Golf and on the back of one of the seats.

For a moment it seemed that father Camil A. wanted to make a statement, because he had said that his sons were innocent. When the president of the court pointed out to him that by this he could mean that he was guilty himself, this did not lead to any further explanation.

In a heated account, after the Public Prosecution Service (OM) said that the suspects should “stop hiding”, Camil A. blamed the police and the judiciary. According to him, they deposited evidence in their car.

Apparently, it erupted not only at one of the suspects, but also in the public gallery. According to the prosecutor, some people have misbehaved. “After I had warned about this,” said the judge. During an earlier hearing in the case, the suspects have already been spat.

Victim was still trying to hide

The victims, Maijkel Akfidan (27), Artur Sargsyan (34), Tuan Nguyen (43) and Max Klaassen (62), were killed with several bullets in the head. Based on their pedometers, which stopped recording movement around 2:30 p.m. the day of their death, it can be concluded that they must have been killed in quick succession.

Nguyen was the owner of the grow shop and Sargsyan the former owner. Klaassen and Akfidan were presumably witnesses and may have been killed for that reason. Klaassen’s body was found half under a sofa. According to the judiciary, it seems that he has tried to hide.

The motive is still unclear. A conflict over drugs may have preceded the murders.

A grow shop is a shop where you can buy supplies for the cultivation of (cannabis) plants.


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