Suspend the bullfight of Pamplona by heavy rain


The strong storms that have fallen in recent hours in Pamplona have forced the suspension of the fourth celebration of the bullfighting fair in San Fermín, the first suspension for rain in the last twenty years, which in this case has prevented the celebration of a bullfight in which Manuel Escribano, Rubén Pinar and Juan del Álamo were going to fight bulls from Cebada Gago.

For half an hour, authorities and crews have studied if it was possible to celebrate the celebration, while the workers tried unsuccessfully to drain the sand.

Finally it has been reported that it has been suspended for "weather conditions ensuring the safety of the participants", as reported by the organizers of the celebration through their Twitter account.

This is the first suspension of a celebration for rain that occurs in San Fermín in the last twenty years, because the previous one, which entailed a postponement, was the novillada announced for July 4, 1999 in which Francisco Marco was announced, El Fandi and Juan Bautista

The center of Navarra is on orange alert for rains from 18:00 hours on Monday to 4:00 hours on July 9 before the possibility of cumulative rainfall in an hour of 40 mm.

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