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Sutherland family actress and matriarch Shirley Douglas dies

Kiefer Sutherland disclosed the death of her mother, which was due to pneumonia unrelated to the coronavirus

Actor Kiefer Sutherland with his mother Shirley Douglas in 2005.

Canadian actressShirley Douglas, mother of the actorKiefer Sutherlandand that she was the interpreter’s wifeDonald sutherland, died this Sunday at 86 years old.

Kiefer Sutherland announced the death of his mother, which was due to apneumonia not related to coronavirus.

“My mother was an extraordinary woman who had an extraordinary life. Sadly, she had been fighting for her health for quite some time and we, her family, knew that this day would come,” said the actor from the series ’24’ in his official profile. from Twitter.

“To any family who has unexpectedly lost a loved one due to the coronavirus,my heart is broken for you. Please stay safe, “he added.

Douglas, whose 86th birthday was Thursday, appeared in films such as‘Lolita’(1962) by Stanley Kubrick or‘Mortally alike’(1988) by David Cronenberg. Her television credits include the small screen tape ‘Shadow Lake’ (1999).

A great activist throughout his life, Douglas supported theCivil Rights Movement, the claims of theBlack Pantheror the pacifist mobilizations against theVietnam War.

The interpreter married Donald Sutherland in 1965, a long-standing actor who has been noted for series such as‘MASH’or movies like‘Ordinary people’(1980) and which also has ascar honorificwith which the Hollywood Academy paid tribute to his great contribution in the cinema.

Shirley Douglas and Donald Sutherland divorced in 1971 after having two children together:Kiefer and Rachel.

In addition to the late actress, Donald Sutherland, and their son Kiefer, the Sutherlands have several other family members working in the audiovisual industry asSarah Sutherland, known mainly for having played the daughter ofSelina Meyer(Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in the television comedy‘Veep’.

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