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Suzuki prepares sophisticated motorized sports cars

Friday, May 27, 2022 – 12:53 WIB

VIVA – Sports cars are now loved by automobile lovers. Many of them like this type of car, because it has a higher performance than other types.

Therefore, Suzuki offers new sports car-related products to cater to its high-end consumers. This luxury car is called Suzuki Vision GT, which offers a new refresh from the previous version.

Quotes from VIVA Automotive from Carscoops, Friday 27 May 2022, in terms of design this new sports car looks like a roofless Swift. Even this four-wheeled car comes with a two-seater cabin that is fully open with a sculpted body.

Suzuki Vision GT sports car illustration

The Japanese company said the car’s design was inspired by the Cappuccino, which has little in common between the two. Despite the similarities, this car still has its differences body style.

It is known, in the front of the Vision GT has a strong resemblance to the Swift Sport because it has a large grille, outstanding consumption, with aggressive headlights mounted on the fenders. In addition, the hood is made rather long for mid-engined cars.

In addition, the unpaved car windshield and the absence of a roof contributed to the dramatic proportions. Moving to the back, it is equipped with LED lights that make it more modern. Meanwhile, broadcast This car is equipped with twin exhaust mounted in the middle to make it clear that this vehicle is not an EV or an Electric Vehicle.

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