Swimming and other types of exercise suitable for chronic obstruction pulmonary patients

Liputan6.com, Jakarta People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PPOK) have airway problems characterized by airflow resistance. Even so, people with this disease can still do sports according to doctor’s recommendations.

PPOK is a chronic airway disease characterized by obstruction to airflow, especially expiratory air and is slowly progressive where it gets worse over time.

According to a pulmonary specialist at the Friendship Hospital, Budhi Antariksa, there are several sports that COPD patients can do, especially those that can increase the strength of the breath muscles.

“The most suitable sport (for COPD) is Sports which increases the strength of the breath muscles, namely the muscles in the chest, “said Budhi in the Kalbe webinar, Wednesday (11/18/2020).

One of the most recommended breathing exercises is swimming.

“Usually we recommend that if you can swim, swimming is the best for the chest muscles.”

Besides Sports swimming, other chest muscle strengthening exercises that are simpler are breathing training or other sports that move the chest muscles.

“So take a deep breath and then release it, his hand is also deflated.”


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