July 23, 2019

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Swimming Worlds: Sun Yang Still Talking

The days follow in Gwangju (China) and the discontent around the Chinese Sun Yang, winner Tuesday of the 200 m NL, continues to swell. Charlotte Bonnet and David Aubry were not distracted. The leader of the Blues will Wednesday in the final of the 200 m NL. After his week in open water, the swimmer of Montpellier, he will be part of the big eight 800m.

The French: Charlotte Bonnet and David Aubry

There were only three Habs committed this Tuesday. Despite a new personal best (7'50 "30), Damien Joly did not manage to cross the course of the series on 800 m. Unlike David Aubry, qualified for the final with the second time (7'46") "37). "I did not think I would do that at all, go so fast and beat guys like Detti or Sun Yang, it's amazing," said the Frenchman. It gives me ideas for the finale. I hope to approach the podium and even climb but I do not put pressure, there are big names. "

Reigning European Champion in the 200m, Charlotte Bonnet also clinched her ticket to the finals by signing the sixth half-time (1'56 "19) in an event marked by three large packages. reigning Olympic champion), Australia's McKeon (second fastest time of the season) and Canada's Ruck (last year's Pan Pacific winner) have given up.

"It was a race with the image of my season, complicated, analyzes the Niçoise. I knew I should not miss this semifinal. I'm in the World Final after a tough year, I did not let go from start to finish, I'm happy with what I did. "

The number: 1

Simona Quadarella, 20, won her first world title by winning the 1,500m final. The Italian (15'40 "89) edged Germany's Sarah Kohler (15'48" 83) and China's Jianjiahe Wang (15'51 "00), a great hope for transalpine swimming – she won three European titles last year on 400m, 800m and 1500m – Quadarella also benefited from the absence of the American Ledecky, medical package.


Certainly, the image of Sun Yang does not improve in the Korean basins. Already headlined over 400 m NL, the controversial Chinese won the 200 m NL after the disqualification of Lithuanian Rapsys, guilty of having moved on his stud before the start. And on the official podium, the British Duncan Scott, who finished tied for third, refrained from shaking his hand, unlike the Japanese Matsumoto and Russian Malyutin. A distrust that the shady Asian has not appreciated and has made it widely known. He even added after the ceremony, when the British did not want to pose for the photo …

An act that is reminiscent of the Australian Mack Horton, who refused Sunday to step on the second step to protest the presence of Sun Yang, waiting to appear before the CAS in a case of destruction of blood samples.