Sylvana’s BIJ1 lies about Akwasi prosecutor Vreekamp to claim that “the extreme right affects our rule of law!” – The Daily Standard

“Stop the normalization of the extreme right,” says BIJ1 in an election poster. A call that in itself is of course not much wrong with, but with the reasoning that led to that call all the more.

Elections are coming. Not only for the CDA, which is still rolling around in the streets, but also for unrepresented parties who hope to grab a seat in March. Such as BIJ1, Sylvana Simons’ electoral vehicle. This club tries to frame the Netherlands as a country where racism and discrimination are not only present, but are also increasing.

This is happening due to the advance of the extreme right, according to the consensus. And so the party wrote a provocative letter via Twitter last night going out:

“We’ve gotten to the point where a prosecutor is taken off a case because she’s against racism.

Where extreme right-wing sources are simply taken over by journalists. And where the extreme right can influence our rule of law. Our democracy is under pressure.

STOP the normalization of the extreme right. ”

The tweet refers to the fact that Public Prosecutor employee Jacobien Vreekamp has been removed from the case of racist threats by columnist Clarice Gargard, because her role in the Akwasi case revealed that she had the appearance of a conflict of interest. Why? Well, she was on a board with a Kick Out Zwarte Piet foreman. That in itself is not prohibited, but what if you also have to decide in a case in which rapper Akwasi has called out that he wants to hammer Zwarte Piet in the face, and then decides that there will be a dismissal?

Yes, you can feel on your clogs that that is not pure coffee. If Akwasi had called out to attack Pipo the Clown, it would have been quite different. But since both the punishable statement of Akwasi and the ancillary position of officer have to do with the abolition of Zwarte Piet, you get something like the appearance of a conflict of interest.

So yes, it is best that Public Prosecutor Vreekamp is against racism. All public prosecutors throughout the Netherlands are probably against racism. Besides, you don’t even have to work for the Public Prosecution Service. The undersigned is against racism. Who is for racism anyway? That will be very few people. The fact that Sylvana Simons’ party is dragging this along is at least politically opportunistic and somewhat unfair.

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