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Sylvie Meis: Still an eye-catcher at 42

Updated April 13, 2020, 3:11 p.m.

Sylvie Meis became famous as the “wife of”. Today the beautiful TV host has her own career. On Instagram, the Dutchwoman also proves time and again that she can still be seen in every dress and bikini in her 40s.

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It’s hard to believe that Sylvie Meis is already 42 years old. The Dutch woman became famous as a woman from professional footballer Rafael van der Vaart. Today she is firmly in life with both feet and has made a name for herself as a model and TV presenter. In addition, she also provides her fans with regular content on social media. On the occasion of her birthday on April 13, we take a look at the most spectacular Instagram post by Sylvie Meis.

Balloons and giant cake for your last birthday

Meis also left a special post on her Instagram account for her 41st birthday. “Can’t wait to cut my cake,” she wrote, for example, of her photo, in which the presenter shows herself in a sea of ​​balloons and flowers in a pink dress. Not to be missed: an XXL cake including the number 41 as decoration.

Own underwear collection

In addition to her TV career, Meis is also known to be a lingerie and bikini designer. For her own collection “S by Sylvie Designs”, which is sometimes available in various shops such as Karstadt or Galeria Kaufhof, the 42-year-old is still a model herself – and likes to proudly and proudly present both her underwear and her well-trained body via social media Media.

Son Damián is her pride and joy

On May 28, 2006, Sylvie Meis and her then husband became Rafael van der Vaart Parents of a son. Little Damián is still the pride of the ex-couple that divorced in December 2013. “My beautiful boy turns 13 today! Happy birthday Damián, the love and joy in my life! Every day I feel so blessed to be your mom”, she dedicated an emotional birthday post to her youngster in May 2019.

Without makeup

We usually know Sylvie Meis always perfectly styled and groomed. But every now and then the model shows up without make-up and without any make-up on social media. The natural Sunday look can be seen in her even in the 40s.

Memory of her cancer past

In June 2009, Meis announced publicly that she had breast cancer. After a tumor in her breast was surgically removed, chemotherapy followed, in which she lost all of her hair. Therefore, she temporarily wore a wig, like on this Instagram post, before she presented herself with her short hair for the first time. Today Meis is considered cured, but still supports organizations that stand up for cancer patients and point out the importance of preventive checkups.

Engagement with Niclas Castello

Sylvie Meis describes herself today as a proud hamburger. She has been living in the Hanseatic city for several years – and now also in male society. The moderator gave in an interview in October 2019 the magazine “Bunte” your Engagement with the artist Niclas Castello known. The two are said to have met at the wedding of Barbara Meier last year. On Instagram The announcement of the good news did not come, but Meis regularly allows a look at her sparkling engagement ring.

Wedding plans in Florence

In conversation with the magazine “Bunte” Meis revealed that the couple had planned a wedding in Florence in June 2020. It should be a few casual days with family and friends, not a big show biz circus. Because of the corona virus, Meis and Castello had to put their plans on hold. The 42-year-old has so far only revealed about her dress: “It will surprise many.” Whether the dream dress turns out to be as lavish and tulle as at the Semper Opera Ball in February 2020?

Special appearance at the Vienna Opera Ball

Meis is known for its spectacular red carpet robes. So she was a real eye-catcher at the traditional Viennese Opera Ball in February 2020 with her black and gold evening gown – and thus proved that she can still wear any look even in the 40s. (eee)
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In summer, model Sylvie Meis and artist Niclas Castello give the yes. In the interview, the 41-year-old gave an insight into her wedding plans. Preview: imago images / Horst Galuschka


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